Thursday, April 26, 2012


This normally a quiet neighborhood, "he thought." But not today. Full of cops and sirens. He wasn't sure what was going on so he asked one of his neighbors. "Limited signal," his neighbor, old and made of bones and strung together with tape, retweeted in response. Reply unsatisfactory. Cops everywhere. A child screams under the heat of a novelty torch shaped like a nightstick. All of the cops have enormous wads in their cheeks and are spitting up the neighborhood. This infuriated him. "Look, can we please just talk about this?" Minimal connectivity. He watched as his plea reached its peak volume and then dissipated like a weak spit-wad, spraying into the tiny invisible pores scattered across the sheen surface of the neighborhood paradigm. THIS IS HELLA FRICKED UP! All he wanted was to be back in sleep-world. Naps were banished from the present paradigm: naplessness. Suddenly he was wisped up. A beautiful flying angel. Probably a cop, he thought. Stick to your guns, buddy. Don't let them fool you. "I'm the angel of love and joy," she whispered. "I'm here to save the children and to save this quiet beautiful neighborhood." He opened his mouth to respond with a slew of frantic queries but was interrupted by a forwarded text message from the #ClichePortal. "sshhh there's no time. ill explain in time. game time. swag" Suddenly he realized he was thousands of feet high in the air, swooping over the whole fucked up paradigm down under like a caged bird being free'd from it's bird cage. The view was beautiful and serene, much like the angel guiding him. He wondered if he could do Street View but the reply from his beautiful angel guide was hasty, you asshole, the whole paradigm is cops, it's cops everywhere, if you zoom in it's just going to be cops and cops as far as the eye can see. This when he began to realize what was truly going on. This paradigm was the paradigm of cops and it had to be stopped.

To Be Continued

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